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Saved: Objects of the Dead


Mom’s Chili Cup 

Jody Servon and Lorene Delany-Ullman

The item to the left is from a project called Saved: Objects of the Dead, a photographic and poetic exploration of the human experience of life, death, and memory. Comprised of color photographs and prose poems about the material possessions people have saved after the death of a loved one, the project considers how memories of the dead become rooted in ordinary objects, and how those objects convey memories of the deceased to the living. Participate online by visiting:


Gulf Water

Regina Agu, Gulf Water, 2014

An ongoing series using photography, collage, and drawing to explore the ties between communities of color in the Gulf of Mexico region and the Gulf of Guinea, focusing on interdependence with land and bodies of water.




LTR: Call for Submissions

Timing is everything. Everything takes time. Who has the time?

SASSAFRAS is seeking submissions for a publication about the long term relationships (LTRs) that form or deform between people, food, the land and art.

We are particularly interested in stories, artworks and materials exploring the idea of long term relationships that are on or off the land, in or out of art, for or against food and with or without people. Topics include, but not limited to: partnerships; self-sufficiency; living systems; slow, fast, or in-between food; DIY culture; farming; heritage; love; history; breakfast and everyday life. The duration of “long term” is up to you.

Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.

Preferred Formats

  • Words: .TXT or .DOC files (maximum word count of ~ 1500 words)
  • Images: .JPG, .PNG, .BMP, .GIF, or .TIF files, 150-300 DPI 
  • Please try to keep all files <5MB, we will contact you for print resolution images if necessary
  • Email: sassafrasclub[at]gmail[dot]com with “YOUR NAME - LTR Submission” in the subject line.

We’d like to consider this the beginning of our relationship with you, and as Sassafras grows we hope you grow with us.

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